Thank You Knitters!

Last week we held a thank you morning tea for all the knitters who contributed to our WWI drive. Together they managed to knit 45 pairs which were displayed in our WWI exhibition Courage and Sacrifice.
Now that the exhibition has concluded their hand knitted socks will be donated to Matthew Talbot Hostel and distributed next winter. 

Our drive was inspired by Botany resident Ilma Tuck who slid a small note into a pair she donated to the NSW Comforts Fund. Several months later she received a thank you letter from Colin K Campbell, the solider who received her efforts.
Ilma Tuck (left)  & Colin K Campbell (right)
Courtesy of Charmaine Piaud and
Colin’s letter to Ilma. “A few lines to you today to thank you very much for the pair of socks I received from you yesterday through the New S. Wales Comfort Fund … I found your wee note in the toe, and I don’t suppose you will mind getting a note from a Digger.” City of Botany Bay. Gift of Charmaine Piaud.
If you’d like to know more about Botany’s involvement in WWI, look out for next year’s publication of Postings from the Front, a joint project between the Botany Historical Trust and Council’s Local Studies Librarians. 
Charmaine Piaud, Ilma’s daughter

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