Dance anyone?

Civic Ball, Botany Town Hall 10 November 1934.  City of Botany Bay

 Do you have any plans this weekend? Back in 1934 some local ladies were probably busy picking a dress and fixing their hair for the Civic Ball pictured above. It was held at Botany Town Hall on Saturday 10th November 1934 to mark the opening of Council’s new chambers.

Close up of the photograph above.

  Over the years many balls and fundraisers have been held at our two local town halls in Mascot and Botany. Thanks to a ticket collection contained in Council’s archive we can catch a glimpse of some of these events.

 As you can see through the tickets below, dancing generally started around 8pm, and sometimes continued as late as 2 o’clock in the morning! Aspects of the night ranged from sit-down dinners and orchestras, to fancy dress parties that included themes such as Best Anti-War Costume.

If you have memories or photos of events at either Botany or Mascot Town Hall we would love to hear from you .

The hall at Mascot Town Hall is better known as Coronation Hall. It was named as such because its construction began in 1910, the coronation year of King George V.  All tickets City of Botany Bay 

Close up of a photograph taken for an Armistice Ball held at Coronation Hall, Mascot on 11 October 1934. City of Botany Bay

Samantha Sinnayah, Curator

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