WWI KNITTING UPDATE: 16 pairs knitted…86 to go!

A big thank you to the locals who have already knitted socks for our drive. Lena Beghetto, a member of the City of Botany Bay Knitting Network, deserves a special mention for the 11 pairs she has contributed! 

The two long pairs of socks you can see below were created using an original WWI pattern called The Grey Sock. The two smaller pairs were created using other patterns. 

The dark brown pair in the middle was donated by Christine Myers, who actually finished off a pair her mother had started many years ago. Her late mother had completed one sock but had not quite finished the other. With no pattern attached, Christine sifted through her mum’s knitting pattern case and found a flier from WWI called Instructions for Knitting Woollen Comforts for our Soldiers and Sailors issued by The Daily Sketch Knitting League. With its help she managed to finish the dark brown pair you see here.


If you are thinking of knitting a pair, please don’t forget to RSVP for our knit-in on Friday 14 August. If you can’t make it, the closing date for socks is Friday 25 September. To all our keen knitters who have called and requested a pattern, we look forward to seeing your completed socks.  



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