Mascot Baby Health Centre 1960s/2013. Would you like to work in this nurse’s old headpiece? 

A lot has changed in the City of Botany Bay over the years and we would love your help recording these changes. To enter our competition all you need to do is re-photograph an old photograph in the same location it was originally taken.

A $50 gift card for JB-Hi will be awarded to the best entry in each of following 3 categories:

  • preschool to 12 years 
  • 13 to 17 years 
  • adults 

We are interested in all forms of change be it big or small. Maybe you have photograph taken outside your house 10 years ago when your kids were small and your garden hedge was newly planted. Perhaps the background of your family snaps reveal factories where there are now flats . These these photographs could make great subjects for our competition so start hunting through your photo albums now. The only limitation is what your albums contain. 
All entries will be displayed as part of our Museum’s upcoming exhibition Now & Then which will be staged in 2014.
The competition closes on February 28th 2014. 

Courtesy of   pmagarey

Entry Requirements

If you are using a phone or basic camera, please take your photo using the highest resolution possible.
All entries should be emailed to 
In your email please state the following information:

  • Your name and contact details.
  • The category you are entering (preschool to 12 years, 13 to 17 years or adult)
  • The location where the photo was taken
  • Any additional information you know e.g. when the original photograph was taken, any stories about the original photograph, how you feel returning to the spot where the original photo was taken.

Tips & ideas 

  • When photographing think about the time of day and where the light is coming from. To prevent your original photo being in shadow you might have to take your photo at a certain time of day.
  • When you hold up your photograph where it was originally taken, if possible, try and match up the lines on the edges of your original photo with the modern scene. If you can’t, don’t worry.
  • If it’s hard to show how much the things have changed, you can always take two separate photographs.
    The old St.Bernard’s on Botany Road. The church was demolished in the 1950s due to the expansion of runways at Sydney Airport . City of Botany Bay Library Services & Museum
  • Don’t worry if your photos are only a few years old. Things are always changing around us.
  • Check out the following websites for inspiration – Flickr’s Looking into the Past  and ABC Open’s ‘Now & Then’ project.

Courtesy of


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