Brittain Crescent, Hillsdale, looking south, 1962/2013

Would you like to time travel around the streets of our city? This exhibition hopes to give you some idea of what it would be like.  

Now & Then will achieve this by merging current day photographs taken around our city with older historical images. In recent years this type of photography has become very popular. Flickr’s Looking into Past and ABC Open’s ‘Now and Then’ project are two good examples that you can view online.

As part of our exhibition we will be looking for your contributions so make sure you keep an eye out for announcements in the Mayor’s Column and on this website.  If you have time, why not start looking through your photo albums now.  Images can be merged on the computer, or just by holding your photograph up where it was originally taken. 

Demolished homes on Botany Road, beside the Botany Bay Hotel, Banksmeadow, 1980s/2013. 

Some areas however have changed so much you might be better just displaying your new image beside your old photograph. We found this best when trying to use this wedding photo taken outside the original St.Bernard’s Catholic Church on Botany Road.

The path outside the former St. Bernard’s Catholic Church, 1940s/2013.
Note the rail bridge at the top of each picture. It is practically the only feature, that links these two photographs.

 The church was unfortunately demolished in the 1950s due to the expansion  of Sydney Airport. Its buildings, which where located on a small hill, were too high for the clearance required by the airport’s new runway. If the church still existed today, it would have stood on the northern side of where Southern Cross Drive flies over Botany Road. Today this hectic piece of road is rarely sees pedestrians.    


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