Strange stories from Botany Bay

Have you ever seen an octopus holding a hand grenade? Back in 1948 that’s what local teenager, Donnie Smith came across when he was fishing off the Long Pier in Botany.

The Long Pier jutted out into the bay near where Hill Street joins Botany Road today. It was a favourite haunt of many kids but was demolished to make way for Port Botany and Foreshore Drive.

This and many other memories of the Bay came out last week when we held our regular group oral history event known as Mornings @ the Museum.  Another local told the story of schoolgirl Yvonne Bridge who found a served head near Sir Joseph Banks Park.

Via Trove we discovered the case baffled police, as the head most likely belonged to a woman and the foot to a man!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our discussion at the Museum last week. We couldn’t have found these unusual stories without you. If you have any stories to add about Botany Bay let us know. Our museum exhibition on Botany Bay will open in September.    


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